My 5AM

03 Jan 2022

Thanks to Slack, Teams, Hangouts or whatever collaboration software your company is using, it’s more than likely being used more than ever. There’s usually a channel in that app that has reading, movie or podcast recommendations. Just before the Holidays we thought it would be fun to all give some New Year recommendations for books or podcasts that we wanted our coworkers to enjoy too.

Here’s what Panayiotis, our Executive Director, gave as his recommendation:

In the real-time always on world we are living, it’s hard to devote time to ourselves and reflect on our thoughts. This is exponentially harder once you have family and kids. Two decades ago, I started getting up earlier in the morning in order to do just that. In time, I have created a routine of getting up at 5am exercising, reading, listening to news and enjoy my coffee by the time the people around were waking up and rushing to get ready for work and school. Later, I have found out that there is even a book written on this, the 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma. As years gone by and as podcasts came into play, I was able to listen to 3 hours of podcasts (at 1.5 speed) every single morning! Here is my 5 AM routine podcast list:

The Journal by WSJ

The Economist: Editor’s Picks

What’s News by WSJ

CNN 5 things

BBC Global News Podcast

WSJ Minute Briefing

The Future of Everything by WSJ

Conversations with Kelly Evans (CNBC: The Exchange)

Tech News Briefing by WSJ, and finally the FT News Briefing

Maybe a 5AM routine is for you?