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How often can I move money in and out of my account?

You can withdraw from or pay into your account as often as you want by bank order. Since your money are always working, the funds in your account remain invested at all times. It will therefore take us up to one week to disinvest so that your funds are available for withdrawal.

Am I charged if I withdraw money from my account?

No, we don’t charge any entry or exit fees, or fees of any kind. You may only be charged bank transfer fees directly imposed by your bank.

Is there a minimum amount for investing with LifeGoals?

All you need is €50 to start investing with LifeGoals. For any investments you make after that, there’s a €10 minimum.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, you can switch your plan up to once a week at no cost. Portfolio changes take effect end-of-day Friday so any such request submitted before this timeframe is effected end-of-week.

Why LifeGoals?

Simple. LifeGoals helps you plan smarter by focusing on what matters most: your financial goals. Our online planning tools are designed for ease of use and efficiency, and our policies are low cost and completely transparent. If you need help at any time,a financial expert is available via phone, email or our online support center.

What is your investment philosophy?

Decades of financial management have taught us a crucial lesson: don’t try to beat the market. The market is extremely volatile and even your most educated guesses will fail you more often than not.

Instead, we believe in helping people earn more over time by focusing on what they want to achieve in life and what they can afford. This is the most effective, cost-efficient strategy for reaching whatever financial goals you set for yourself and for building wealth over the long run.

Where does LifeGoals invest?

LifeGoals invests through “LifeGoals Common Fund AIF” (the "Fund") (License No: AIF04/14). The Fund is an Alternative Investment Fund with multiple sub funds, authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Each sub fund has its own investment strategy and maintains its individual assets separate from the rest of the sub funds. Emergo Wealth Ltd is the authorized investment manager of the Fund.

What are your fees?

We charge a 1% management fee on your total AUM*. For more information on our fees, please visit our Pricing page.

*Assets under Management


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What is your experience in pension planning?

At Emergo, our financial experts have been helping people and companies chart safer, smarter courses towards financial security for decades. Our track-tested experience in financial services and global investment management, and our commitment to transparency, make LifeGoals a partner you can trust with your employees’ pensions.

Why LifeGoals?

Our member numbers are growing daily across business sectors. This means we can offer all LifeGoals members economies of scale, great savings and added value, along with the tax benefits that come from investing in a registered provident fund.

We’re obsessively transparent. All LifeGoals pension members enjoy 24/7 access to their account via the LifeGoals account dashboard.

We offer custom-built portfolios so that our members can plan a comfortable retirement that meets all their individual retirement needs.

Is LifeGoals regulated?

Yes, the LifeGoals Multi-Employer Provident Fund is a registered provident fund regulated by the Registrar of Institutions for Occupational Retirement of the Cyprus Ministry of Labour (Registration Number 3263). Emergo Wealth is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (License Number 232/14). Both LifeGoals and Emergo are regularly audited by leading international accounting firms.

Why should employees invest in a pension at all?

People are living longer and having fewer children today than ever before. This new reality has made retiring with government-backed social insurance pensions unsustainable. In Cyprus alone, if you earn under €50,000 per year, you’re only guaranteed 50% of your pre-retirement monthly income through social insurance. For wage earners with higher incomes, that number drops to between 20-30%.

The reality of retirement is quite different from those numbers. To retire comfortably, you’ll need at least 70% of your pre-retirement monthly earnings.

The only way you can do that is by investing in a smart, secure, track-tested pension fund like LifeGoals.

How much flexibility does LifeGoals give members?

All LifeGoals members can choose between six risk-adjusted retirement plans—from more conservative savings portfolios to investment strategies with quicker growth. In each case, our commitment to globally diversified funds safeguards member investments by guaranteeing that our portfolios are shielded from any geography-related or asset class-related risks.

What are your fees?

Members are charged a flat administration fee of €2.00 per month. The investment management fee amounts to 0.06% per month.

There is no investment management fee for participating in the savings portfolios.

The charge for companies with assets under management over €5 mil. amounts to €0.50 per member per month.

Can members check their own progress or switch plans?

We believe strongly in transparency. LifeGoals members can go online to check their net asset value and monitor their performance whenever they want. They can also switch plans up to once a week at no cost.