Tips on Travelling with Friends

14 Sep 2021

Travelling with friends can be a memory you’ll treasure forever, or an absolute nightmare. Check out our tips so that you can make the most out of a trip with your buddies!

1. Pick your companion(s) wisely

Try to travel with people you know you get along well with, know well, and don’t directly contradict you in every single way. Bonus points if they’re easy-going and open to new experiences.

2. Secure commitments

Everyone should be committed to the trip. If there is a cancellation and no refund available, issues surrounding money could come up.

3. Agree on budgeting

Money can often be the cause of arguments, so try and figure out what activities you want to do, whether together or apart, and agree on a budget beforehand. Not sure how much you need? Our travel goal not only helps you save for your perfect trip, we also provide you with a cost estimate based on your itinerary and travel preference.

4. Have a group chat

With a group chat, everyone can stay up to date. It would also be a good idea to make sure that everyone uses the group chat only for important updates, questions, and discussions surrounding the trip so that nothing gets buried in the chat.

5. Communicate

Take everyone’s wants into consideration when planning the trip, and during the trip communicate openly so that there won’t be any disagreements or hurt feelings.

6. Be present

This is a wonderful opportunity that will likely bring you closer together. Savour it and make the best memories possible by living in the moment. Don’t worry about what’s waiting when you get home.

7. Be flexible

There’s nothing worse than travelling with someone who’s a stick in the mud. Be open to the new experiences available in the place that you’re in, and go have adventures!

Travelling with friends can be one of the most amazing experiences life that can offer. If you’re ready to start saving for a trip with your friends, try our Travel Goal (try it, it’s free!).