5 Remote Work Tips To Boost Your Productivity

03 Sep 2021

Studies show that people make more progress at home than at the office, which improves their motivation and sense of purpose. But if you’re new to remote work, you’ve probably noticed it has a bit of a learning curve.

Here’s what remote work pros have figured out that will help you work from home more efficiently:

Consistency is key

Keep a regular schedule. Get out of your pajamas, shower, and have a nice breakfast, just like you did when you worked in an office.

Unless you’re tied to a specific schedule, you don’t have to wake up early. Experiment with the best schedule for you. What matters is consistency.

Set clear boundaries

Many people working from home struggle with separating personal time from work time. Here’s what you can do:

1. Create a mini-commute by taking a walk before and after work.

2. Designate a space at home just for work. It can be a spare room, a corner in your living room, or a chair at your dining table.

3. If you use a personal computer for work, create a new user to keep personal files and apps separate.

Take breaks

Breaks and downtime give your brain much-needed rest. So, plan for them and take them as seriously as your work time.

While the type of break isn’t important, make the most out of it by being present. Mindlessly scrolling down social media or checking your email on your breaks won’t give your brain the rest it needs.

Nurture your social connections

Isolation is a common downside of remote work, and many employees worry it keeps them from getting promotions.

To maintain your social connections alive and well, schedule time (IRL or virtual) with friends and colleagues. Spend a few minutes checking in with LinkedIn connections and be active on your company’s Slack channels.

Celebrate your achievements

Celebrating your wins helps not just stay connected and in the loop at your company. It also keeps you motivated.

Shift your focus from what you missed to what you completed will boost your motivation. It’s as easy as keeping a journal to record what you’ve done during the day.