Sleeping off the stress

25 Apr 2022

People can have all types of goals; some of us want to land a dream job, some might want to visit 35 countries by their 35th birthday, some might just want to have a good night’s sleep. While we usually talk about personal finance and investing, sometimes we like to slip in a few recommendations that have piqued the interest of one of our employees and this is one that we thought could merge both our worlds of finance goals and personal goals.

The podcast Huberman Lab talks about neuroscience and how our brain can “control our perceptions, our behaviors, and our health” (as is written in the podcast description). In his second episode, Dr. Andrew Huberman connects neuroscience to sleeping habits and patterns and how those important aspects of our lives can affect other important aspects like our stress levels and immunity. If you have a goal to get better sleep or to lower your stress this might be worthwhile to you so you can work on hitting your other goals, financial or otherwise.

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