Portfolio performance


Net contribution of the portfolio to carbon footprint and corporate boards diversity:


Vehicles driven for a year


Homes' energy use for a year


Barrels of oil consumed


Recycled instead of landfilled


More exposure to gender diverse boards


Week-to-date Month-to-date Year-to-date 2023
0.15% 1.69% 6.47% 8.16%

Valuation Date: 16/07/2024


Portfolio Risk & Key Attributes

Risk / Reward Scale

Lower risk
Lower Potential Returns
Higher risk
Higher Potential Returns
1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Target Return CPI+2%
Target Risk 2%-5%
Horizon 5-10 years
Currency EUR
Fund Manager LifeGoals Financial Services Ltd.

Investment Philosophy

The Balanced ESG Portfolio seeks to achieve its investment objective through investing in a globally diversified multi-asset portfolio with positive environmental, social and governance characteristics. The manager targets to construct a portfolio with a strong emphasis on capital preservation and optimal risk-adjusted returns. To achieve the investment objective of the portfolio, the manager applies rigorous business involvement screening on factors such as fossil fuels, alcohol, gambling, firearms, controversial weapons, and tobacco. Extensive diversification is achieved through the use of index-tracking, liquid ETFs, selected and monitored through a meticulous evaluation and rebalancing process. The manager dynamically assesses the risk/return characteristics of the main asset classes, considering current valuations, expected returns and major long-term themes driving investment markets. As part of monitoring, the portfolios are evaluated on their ESMA risk scales and are adjusted accordingly to always match their intended level of risk.

Asset Class Allocation

Underlying Instruments

Geographic Allocation

*All investments excluding Cash allocations.

Credit Quality

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